Our education department is located within STAT EMS Education Building located at 512 W Court Street Flint, Michigan 48503

Basic and Paramedic Academies:

There is a one time registration fee of $100.00 which covers the cost of the background check, physical and application process. This $100 is listed in addition to tuition expenses and is included in overall class expenses. This fee is required before accepting the interview for enrollment.


Full cost of class is required prior to registering for the class.

An agility test, background check and basic cognitive test are required prior to registering for the EMT academy?

YES! We offer a tuition free academy for those who qualify. In order to be eligible for the tuition free academy you must be willing to sign an 18 month employment contract. The only fees you will be required to pay prior to registering for the class would be the one-time registration fee of $100.00 which covers the background check, physical agility test and application fees.

The EMT Academy is a pre-requisite to write the NREMT. The national registry is the state sanctioned test to be able to apply for your initial EMT-Basic license in the state of Michigan.  For more information on the NREMT click here.